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Summer Tips

Workplace Summer Tips on Salad and Tea

  Sometimes I could drink all the 6oz Flat White I can get my hands on, however I’ve been substituting a late afternoon  espresso with a refreshing cup of Earl Grey. It’s lessened my chances of having an accident on the way home due to the mad crema mist that comes with too much caffeine. […]


Wood Works – Introducing Matzform

Haworth by Europlan, in partnership with Haworth X Friends is proud to introduce the Matz Form,   a contemporary, commercial furniture range that prides itself on furniture pieces that are of the highest quality, coupled with the unique design and construction philosophy of Soren Matz, the father behind MatzForm furniture. About Soren Matz Soren Matz has […]


Designday 2015

  Urbis Designday is back with a creative and inspirational vengeance in 2015 and it comes with an exciting new addition of Designday Pro. Designday Pro is an exclusive day earmarked solely for design professionals and will take place on Friday the 20th of March. Designday Pro offers a new way for industry members to […]


Shout Out: Muzo World

  Europlan Ltd has a long and dreamy history with the team at Muzo World. We’ve been peddling their wares to the New Zealand market for well over a decade and that’s because they are rock stars and most importantly because their product is the best! They have a strong focus on wellness in the […]

Wellness Floorplate

Workplace Wellness: Inclusive Design

  Hey, so you’ve gone and got yourself a really agile and activity based open plan workspace and you’re like “Boom”, we’ve removed all barriers. We have achieved the acme of inclusive design and forevermore it shall be proclaimed that there is no ableism discrimination in our workplace. But have you? Is the product you’re […]


Bring Your Own Device to Life

  There is a lot of discussion in parenting circles about screen time for youngsters and this kid is breaking all their rules! I didn’t send my first Tweet till I was 35.    


Hot Box 2 – Because Everyone is an Individual

Introducing the Hot Box 2 – Bright, light and personal, HB-two is the flexible portable storage system for all your work. Choose the interior storage to suit your needs and finish off with a fabric cover of your choice. Carry your laptop, tablet, files and pens in style and individualise your personal storage space. Create […]

Trig Image

Introducing Trig

  Europlan have been working alongside the clever and award winning design team at Procreate for some time and it’s brought about a constructive synergy that highlights the strengths inherent within each organisation. It has evolved into a partnership that is now giving Europlan the opportunity to act as a distributor for a product family […]

Odd bloggage

IRD and the Curious Incident of the Noise Cancelling Headsets

Poor IRD, they tried to promote productivity in the workplace by ordering some noise cancelling headsets designed by NASA. They wanted to create an aurally empathetic environment for their call centre staff to answer phones and instead they got lambasted in the media for the $48k purchase. We’d like to congratulate IRD on saving our […]

Odd Blog

Allow me to introduce myself

I cannot with enough emphasis, convey to you how important I believe it is, to pepper conversational encounters with a touch of the absurd. Time and place permitting obviously but you can absolutely tailor this approach to suit all manner of social happenings that run the gamut from professional to very casual. Why settle for […]

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