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Wireless World – Wireless Inductive Charging


We have wireless charging options available so get in touch with us to discuss options for your workspace!

Luxxbox Furniture

Luxxbox Header

We’d like to introduce you to a new range of outdoor seating available from Europlan, Luxxbox.

Our video pick of the month!

Finally! A totally safe for work Buzzfeed video we can share…The wage gap explained in 2:15.  

What’s burning my bacons?


Something that really burns my bacons, because I always have more than one, is shops with terrible spatial layouts. Spaces that even Kate Moss carrying a Mac Book Air would have trouble manoeuvring through.

PARK(ing) Day

PARK(ing) Header

Operating our Wellington showroom out of a Co-Working space lends itself to many meaningful collisions and provides much opportunity for collaboration.

When is it not OK to discuss business?

DD Business

I was at the gym last week and whilst in the changing rooms I overheard a couple of members discussing how uncomfortable their task chair and workstation set-up was.



This year’s Corenet Symposium is booked for June the 25th. As we look forward to this industry event we thought it might be a good time to share some knowledge about what Corenet offer Corporate Real Estate professionals.

PMCoE Announcement

Europlan Logo HI RES

In the last quarter of 2014, Haworth by Europlan undertook the important task of completing an RFP submission for the Property Management Centre of Expertise (PMCoE.).

Good Superhero Tech

Good tech

I’m a total sucker for good tech stories, this video is no exception.

Sometimes I just need some perspective…


How I feel as a content creator at times! Thanks to “The Oatmeal” for some Low GI realness!

Product Knowledge Share: Monitors, Arms and Mounting

Monitor Arm Blog

We like to make sure you’re getting the very best of information when it comes to product. It means you can make informed decisions that best fit with your business goals and it can prevent the purchasing goods that are not compatible.

Love is in the Aircon?


It’s February, so here’s a nod to Valentines Day – how much do you love your employees?

Hotbox 2 – What’s in yours?


The creators of Hotbox 2 are asked what it is they carry around in their ergo satchel of delights.

Are you afraid of Technology?

Afraid of Tech

Is technology something we need to fear?

Open Plan vs. Fixed Wall Offices

Open Office

The debate is still raging over open plan vs. a traditional closed office option for your workspace.

Workplace Summer Tips on Salad and Tea

Summer Tips

For those days when you want to take salad to work and have a cup of tea instead of a fourth espresso.

Wood Works – Introducing Matzform


Haworth by Europlan, in partnership with Haworth X Friends is proud to introduce the Matz Form, a contemporary, commercial furniture range that prides itself on furniture pieces that are of the highest quality.

Designday 2015


Save the date for this excellent event. It’s going to be a dreamy couple of days – we may even cook for you!

Shout Out: Muzo World


If Commercial Office Furniture was Top Gun, these guys would be Maverick and Goose but in this adaptation Goose stays alive!

Workplace Wellness: Inclusive Design

Wellness Floorplate

An estimated 1 billion people worldwide are disabled. This equates to about 15% of the world’s population and of this billion people, 110-190 million adults live with significant challenges.

Bring Your Own Device to Life


This has possibly eclipsed the creepiness that was the dancing baby on Ally McBeal and taken it beyond next level.

Hot Box 2 – Because Everyone is an Individual


Portable storage just got personal. The Hot Box 2 – Bright, light and personal, HB-two is the flexible portable storage system for all your work.

Introducing Trig

Trig Image

The inspiration and ideas that have brought Trig from inception to development and production stem from a “Trig point”, the reference position within a network of triangulation.

IRD and the Curious Incident of the Noise Cancelling Headsets

Odd bloggage

Poor IRD, they tried to promote productivity in the workplace by ordering some noise cancelling headsets designed by NASA.