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DD Business

When is it not OK to discuss business?

  I found myself at a crossroads as I was strangling myself into some Lycra, is this an appropriate time to turn around and offer a workplace solution on behalf of the organisation I work for? If I turn around right now and they’re at an awkward stage of transitioning from their business attire to […]



Corenet’s mission is to “connect groups of professionals, end users and service providers in order to advance knowledge, promote personal excellence and add value to each individual and their respective enterprises. Our chapter accomplishes our mission through facilitating and sponsoring a variety of diversified programs that provide members educational and networking opportunities.” It’s a platform […]

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PMCoE Announcement

The intent of the PMCoE RFP was to establish a Common Capability Office Furniture and Related Services Contract with either a sole or panel of suppliers. PMCoE was established in April 2011 and is hosted by the Ministry of Social Development. The PMCoE’s main role is to lead and assist agencies in meeting the goals […]

Good tech

Good Superhero Tech

  Watch what happens when Iron Man turns up with a bionic limb for a kid who plays it cool despite hanging out with a hero.  


Sometimes I just need some perspective…


Monitor Arm Blog

Product Knowledge Share: Monitors, Arms and Mounting

  We’re going to chat to you about monitor arms and monitors. We carry a range of monitor arms that require a specific mounting mechanism called a “VESA” mount. The VESA monitor arms and mounting plates require a steel frame and mounting plate for strength.  The VESA mount is a 4 hole format in either […]


Love is in the Aircon?

  According to Inc. “Valentine’s Day shouldn’t be just about romantic love. It should be a time when you think about what you can do to show your employees how much you appreciate them.” The article below gives you 10 tips to show your employees that you love them… naaaawwwwwww! Happy and lovely reading! Love […]


Hotbox 2 – What’s in yours?

  We recently introduced you to Hotbox 2. It’s bright, light and personal, HB2 is the flexible portable storage system for all your work. Choose the interior storage to suit your needs and finish off with a fabric cover of your choice. Carry your laptop, tablet, files and pens in style and individualise your personal storage […]

Afraid of Tech

Are you afraid of Technology?

  Or is there nothing to fear but fear itself? We’ll let you decide with the help of this video…  

Open Office

Open Plan vs. Fixed Wall Offices

  This video put together by Work Design Magazine asks some industry experts what they think about the open office in comparison to the good old closed office of yesteryear. It’s a good conversation to keep on having!      

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