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IRD and the Curious Incident of the Noise Cancelling Headsets

Poor IRD, they tried to promote productivity in the workplace by ordering some noise cancelling headsets designed by NASA. They wanted to create an aurally empathetic environment for their call centre staff to answer phones and instead they got lambasted in the media for the $48k purchase. We’d like to congratulate IRD on saving our […]

Odd Blog

Allow me to introduce myself

I cannot with enough emphasis, convey to you how important I believe it is, to pepper conversational encounters with a touch of the absurd. Time and place permitting obviously but you can absolutely tailor this approach to suit all manner of social happenings that run the gamut from professional to very casual. Why settle for […]


Twerking 9 till 5

Actually in other news, Twerk outs! I’ve had my attention drawn to a recent news story about a contemporary exercise regime hitting NZ Gyms that involves vigorously oscillating the anatomy around your centre of gravity.  We’re big promoters of workplace wellness and our product platforms support that by allowing an agile and fluid approach to […]

Dynamic Desk Chair - Govert Flint

The Dynamic Desk Chair by Govert Flint

  Dutch design student Govert Flint has given us The Dynamic Desk Chair, a gyroscopic exoskeleton designed to encourage positive movement in mono-functional tasks and to allow the body to move freely while sitting. Govert designed the Dynamic Chair to facilitate movement in all directions, and then worked with programmer Sami Sabik to translate the […]

Pinna Chair

Introducing The Socius Series Chair Series by Europlan

Europlan’s Socius Chair Series is a commercial chair range that promotes and enhances socialisation, communication, adaptability, and productivity throughout a workspace. Ipsum Task Chair ‘Ipsum’ is the Latin word for ‘purpose’, encapsulating this task chair’s adaptability and functionality capabilities. In order to respond actively to the business environment, the Ipsum range offers innovative chairs that […]


Special Promotion the Lumie’re Magnetic Glass Board


Europlan Bizdojo

Europlan – Co-Working Spaces Partnership

Europlan have partnered with the Biz Dojo to create Co-working spaces throughout New Zealand. These spaces are designed to attract the innovative, tech and creative business sector and to form an eco-system of activity based working environments. Biz Dojo are a network of Co-working hubs where talented people come together to connect, work more productively, […]


Ceres Organics Case Study

We started work with Ceres Organics in December 2012. The initial brief involved a consultative process to develop a workplace strategy for their new building, but as we progressed, it became apparent that we needed to also assist with a change management program. Watch this video to learn more.


Sit to Stand

¼ of Kiwis are now considered obese, that’s over a million of us scoffing our way to early preventable deaths. It’s of course not just how we eat; it’s our lifestyles as a whole and the levels of inactivity in all aspects of how we approach living. Exercise alone is not sufficient to combat the […]

Jewel Castor


According to the ABF works design philosophy, the castor should never be an afterthought. In fact it should be the centre of attention as its performance will dictate the success or failure of any portable furniture design.