Christmas and New Year Hours


It’s that time of year again, hayfever, jandals and sunshine dust.

Sit to Stand Combo

Sitting well

There is no one size fits all approach so find what works for you and make it a healthy and sustainable practice.

Well! Well! Well! Wellness!

Movement Piece

The push for Wellness is a movement that’s here to stay and we feel a great responsibility to make it accessible to everyone.

Happy New Year


Happy New Year and Welcome to 2016!



We are bringing TableAir to a showroom near you!

Christmas Cheers!

EP Message

We did it!

Climbing the Home Office Walls?


Give co-working a go!

Christmas Hours

Summer Wide Desktop Background

Hark, a message about our Christmas Hours follows.

Gosia Piatek – Kowtow

Gosia Piatek

I’ve had the opportunity to attend yet another great evening put on by the Women’s Collective and hosted at the Biz Dojo in Wellington.

Riveli Pivot Shelf


What could you do with your wall space?

Safety First

Safety First

The best Civil Offence is a Civil Defence.

Face Time

Face to Face

In the last week I’ve been able to get some quality face time with the people I work most closely with in our organisation. It really drove home for me how invaluable it is. We get a lot done via phone calls, emails and Dropbox but there’s something very satisfying about working alongside them on […]

Shift Culture


Shift Culture Shared Space in Christchurch is open for Co-Working business.


Green Wall

It’s a Jungle in there…

In The Arena with Diane Foreman


This month’s special guest star!

Open Plan Recycling with Method

Method Accessories

Method is back with a brand new addition, a range of desktop accessories to complement their office recycling stations.

Open Plan of Attack

Be Open

Open Plan! What fresh hell is this?

Slab Leaner


Introducing the beautifully crafted Slab Leaner from Harrows.

Talkin’ ‘bout a Quiet-Revolution.

Quiet Revolution Image

With well-being and productivity in mind, Quiet-Revolution provides a simple, contemporary and effective solution.

Introducing Share Pod

Share Pod

Share Pod is launching into open office space and is IQ Commercial’s sixth design in their Pod series.

Watch this space…


Christchurch! Let’s share and collaborate.

Taking Care of Small Business


A key factor towards a healthy bottom line for any company is an innate understanding of the environment in which it operates, be it domestic or global.

Wireless World – Wireless Inductive Charging


You may have seen Samsung are talking about Wireless Charging because it’s in their new phones. We have it too and we’re putting it in our furniture.

Luxxbox Furniture

Luxxbox Header

We’d like to introduce you to a new range of outdoor seating available from Europlan, Luxxbox.

Our video pick of the month!

Finally! A totally safe for work Buzzfeed video we can share…The wage gap explained in 2:15.