Open Plan vs. Fixed Wall Offices

Open Office

The debate is still raging over open plan vs. a traditional closed office option for your workspace.

Designday 2015


Save the date for this excellent event. It’s going to be a dreamy couple of days – we may even cook for you!

Shout Out: Muzo World


If Commercial Office Furniture was Top Gun, these guys would be Maverick and Goose but in this adaptation Goose stays alive!

Workplace Wellness: Inclusive Design

Wellness Floorplate

An estimated 1 billion people worldwide are disabled. This equates to about 15% of the world’s population and of this billion people, 110-190 million adults live with significant challenges.

Hot Box 2 – Because Everyone is an Individual


Portable storage just got personal. The Hot Box 2 – Bright, light and personal, HB-two is the flexible portable storage system for all your work.

Introducing Trig

Trig Image

The inspiration and ideas that have brought Trig from inception to development and production stem from a “Trig point”, the reference position within a network of triangulation.

The Dynamic Desk Chair by Govert Flint

Dynamic Desk Chair - Govert Flint

Email, spreadsheet and browse your way to a leaner, fitter you. Increase your metabolism and build muscle mass by creating 2 page brochures in Publisher, all with the help of the Dynamic Desk Chair.

Introducing The Socius Series Chair Series by Europlan

Pinna Chair

Europlan is proud to introduce their Socius Series chair range; these innovatively designed, multi-functional chairs are an aesthetically pleasing and productive addition to both the traditional and modern workspace.

Europlan – Co-Working Spaces Partnership

Europlan Bizdojo

Europlan have partnered with the Biz Dojo to create Co-working spaces throughout New Zealand.

Ceres Organics Case Study


A video case study of our work with Ceres Organics

Sit to Stand


The internet, office and life in general is rife with discussion on Sit to Stand desks and height adjustable work stations. It’s even making its way into the education sector in an effort to improve concentration and curb childhood obesity.


Jewel Castor

According to the ABF works design philosophy, the castor should never be an afterthought. In fact it should be the centre of attention as its performance will dictate the success or failure of any portable furniture design.

Haworth by Europlan


Haworth is one of the top leading brands within the design, marketing and corporate real estate industries, worldwide. Haworth by Europlan is an independent, non-exclusive distributor of Haworth products in New Zealand, providing testament to Europlans expertise within the The Corporate Real Estate market here in Aotearoa.