Clark Boyce
The Brief

We had been working with Clark Boyce for some time through the Filecorp arm of our organisation.

Clark Boyce was moving out of a temporary office into a new purpose designed building and were looking forward to being back in the CBD after 3 years working from a residential property. They wanted to use the opportunity to assess the way they managed their records and worked with our Filing Consultant to introduce a new space efficient system.

The Solution

In order to support the work Clark Boyce and our Filing Consultant developed by creating the new records system, we began to work on the solution requirement for the entire floor plate.

We had already identified that their new filing system would need to be supported with storage to meet their security requirements without compromising the modern look of the brand new office. Therefore the rest of the fit out needed to complement and enhance the new space.

The furniture was sourced through the Haworth by Europlan brand of our business and included soft seating, break out areas and cafe settings, workstations and associated accessories and bespoke joinery units for reception and meeting rooms. Clark Boyce opted for a staged delivery for the project so we integrated certain pieces over time to ensure it did not interrupt business continuity.