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Give co-working a go!

I used to work from home and I didn’t love it. Oddly enough there were too many distractions and I found it difficult to turn off with my work kit so accessible. There was no separation between work and home for me; it was all one blurry, over lapping not entirely productive scene.

Moving my place of work from home to an external working environment was the best thing I did, from a social, community and productivity perspective.

If you’re in a home office slump, sick of working from your laptop in your car between appointments or in cafes where you eat too much food and drink too much coffee just to validate occupying a table and stealing Wi-Fi then consider co-working.

For really reasonable rates you can access active or permanent desk space, espresso coffee made by you which allows you to update your CV with (questionable) Barista skills and experience. Someone in the space will be happy to endorse you on LinkedIn for this.

This is how much bang you get for your buck:

  • You become part of a vibrant community
  • Access to businesses or individuals that can add value you to your work
  • Events and specialists in like minded industries
  • The opportunity to assist other organisations with growth
  • Quiz Time – every day at 11
  • A range of zones and furniture that allow you to work the way you like to work or to try new ways of working
  • The opportunity to have quality social experiences and hang time with a collective of excellent humans
  • Support – for pretty much everything!
  • Event space and meeting rooms options for clients and team catch ups

And much much more!

If this is making you feel a bit squirmy and excited then go with your gut and come and check out one of the following co-working spaces:

Auckland – BizDojo

Wellington – BizDojo

Christchurch – Shift Culture

Joining one gives you access to all three of these locations and you can get a free trial at each.

I don’t want you to feel like I’m trying to get you to join Amway or convert you to coconut water and kale smoothies but seriously, do try it!