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Flexible Personal Storage.

Europlan PSU lockers are designed to provide personal storage for the flexible nature of modern working environments.

They are suitable for activity based and agile working styles and offer users a substantial and secure storage compartment for personal belongings and work equipment.

The PSU features a clean and contemporary aesthetic with concealed fixing and hinges making it ideal as a personal storage option on open plan floor plates and workspaces.

Lock Options: Camlock or Battery Operated Digital Code Lock – please specify lock preference at time
of order

Mail Slot or Plain Door Option with removable utility drawer contained in each locker

Customisable Options Available:–

– Locker Powder Coat Colour
– Door Perforations
– Internal Configurations
– Size

Minimum Order Quantity Applies for custom units

Pair the Europlan PSU with a Gustav

View the PSU Spec Sheet here or head to the PSU Product Page