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signing for goods

Signing for Goods is the Goods! A reminder about our delivery and goods acceptance process.

All products that leave our warehouse will feature one of these stickers on the external packaging. We’ve made them fluoro orange so they’re easy to spot.


This is a really important message to pass on to you clients, project managers and install teams. We want to make sure your customer is aware of the process and what it involves.

– Any carrier or delivery agent must wait for your client to check goods before they are signed for

– If your client has an agreement with the carrier that goods can be left on site without being checked and signed, this is the same as the client signing and not checking the goods

– If a rogue carrier does a sneaky drop and run and no agreements are in place – contact us

– Products which have been accepted by a customer and been signed for in good condition cannot be returned if they are found to be damaged

Managing this process is a team effort and we know it can cause a ruckus when it’s not followed correctly. Educate your clients on their responsibilities when it comes to accepting furniture deliveries, we want them to be informed and empowered to use the process correctly.