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We are bringing TableAir to a showroom near you!

TableAir is here. Come and experience the Rolls Royce of height adjustable desks in either Auckland, Wellington or Christchurch.

What do you do when you show someone how high something is? You raise your hand, right? It’s the most natural way of indicating height and that’s what TableAir has made possible with its Smart Button. It senses the distance to your hand and lifts TableAir to match the height.

Even More Freedom with LED Lighting

You can set the mood to your liking using literally millions of lighting variations. Communicate if you’re busy or available to your colleagues with your lighting scheme.

All Your Devices in One Place

The TableAir designers have made sure you won’t experience cord clutter. You can plug in all of your devices and charge them at the same time without having wires galore.

USB –   2 USB mobile charging ports (5V – 1A each)

Power –   2 AC power ports

Its power cord is 2.5 metres long.

TableAir reminds you when it’s Time to Stand

When you’re working you tend to forget to adjust the height. No more! The iPhone and Android app will notify you when it’s time to sit or stand. It also allows you track your standing progress and control LED lights.

TA Combo

View more details about TableAir on their website.