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Plan your space before you deliver a project!

Space Planning

Need a little help working out how to optimise your floor space? We can help you undertake space planning. You can align your vision and design ideas to really understand how your space will perform once it’s filled with people and furniture solutions.

It’s an opportunity to take risks and trouble shoot challenging areas in order to eliminate ineffective use of space once a project is delivered.

Space Planning


As part of our space planning solution, we can provide you with 3D renders of your floor plate to really determine that critical decision making is supporting the goals of your organisation. We can populate renders with product and people in order for you to create ideal layouts and combinations of solutions.

This is a valuable opportunity to transfer your vision to reality and work through a multitude of options prior to project completion.

3D Floor Plate


If you have a project that requires some floor plate fine tuning, please contact us to see how we can help you with this.